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Working alongside the dentists, hygienists play a fundamental role in oral health care and regular visits with them is the key to achieving really successful preventative dental care, minimizing the need for dental treatment and ensuring confidence that you have a healthy mouth, fresh breath and an end to bleeding gums.

Our hygienists are experts in prevention and treatment of gum disease. They will make a full assessment of your gum condition and supporting bone levels and construct a tailor made plan to ensure each individual is able to maintain a high level of oral hygiene care at home. This will enable you to optimize the day to day care of your mouth helping to maintain healthy gums and ensure any existing restorations you may have are protected.

Your teeth will also be professionally cleaned, leaving you with a mouth that feels healthy and fresh and you will have the confidence to maintain this between visits.

We acknowledge it is shared responsibility between dentist, hygienist and patient to maintain oral health. Our ultimate goal is total prevention of disease.