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Unless otherwise agreed, we do ask that patients pay for their treatment at each visit. Charges may be made for any appointments missed or cancelled. Please refer to our cancellation and missed appointment policy by clicking on the link below :

Cancellations & Missed Appointments

Please note these prices are a guideline only and treatments may vary in price depending on the complexity of each individual case.

Fee guide from April 2024

  Fee per Item Membership £22.08 p/m
New Patient Extensive Consultation   £76   N/A
Routine Clinical Examination   £49   Included
Small Intra oral Digital X-ray   £15/each   Included
Hygienist Visit (30 minutes)   £73   Included (2 per year)
(£61 for additional visit)
Emergency Consultation
(excluding treatment)
  £60   £40
Silver Filling from £115 from £92
Tooth Coloured Filling from £165(front teeth) from £145
  from £235(back teeth) from £199
Root Canal Treatment from £495 (front teeth) from £396
  from £665 (back teeth) from £545
Crown from £749 from £650
Bridge from £749/Unit from £650
Porcelain Veneer from £749 from £650
Acrylic Denture from £995 from £750
Flexible or metal based Denture from £1050 from £795
Extraction from £175 from £140
Home Kit Tooth Whitening   £360   £320
Dental Implant from £2700   £2400 (based on individual assessment)